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Lori G. Owner Of Islander Home & Pet Care.

  After attending Purdue University I pursued several career paths which were not fulfilling to me.  I then decided to start a small residential cleaning service which I regarded as a temporary vocation. Much to my surprise, I found that I enjoyed building the business and managing staff as the business grew.  As time went by, I expanded the company to include property management and then later, due to client needs and requests, I added  specialty pet services.
  In all aspects of Islander Home & Pet Care, I pride myself on attention to detail and one-on-one communication, which only a small business can offer.  While other companies tend to overextend themselves to bring in additional clients and revenue, I focus on establishing a relationship with my clientele to keep them completely satisfied with my customized services each and every visit.  I only take on what I can deliver with excellence.  
  Because preserving the environment is so important to a healthy planet, I implement eco-friendly cleaning products as a standard practice and also provide recycling packages to clients mutually interested in this lifestyle.   
  In short, I am passionate about my work and love my career.  I feel blessed to live in the Fripp Island community, which has welcomed Islander with open arms.  I can honestly say that I am "living my dream"! 


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