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  At the urging of many clients, we have added pet sitting to our housecleaning business.  As animal lovers we realize there are many benefits to using a personal pet sitter versus a kennel:

  • Your pet remains in their "comfort zone" in familiar surroundings
  • Individualized attention in your absence
  • Economically friendly rates
  • Pet illness is greatly reduced
  • Easier and more convenient to the owner
  • Less stress and anxiety on the animal
  • Wireless webcam service to check on your pet
  • Pet C.P.R. and First Aid Certified Caretaker in your home
  • Your home stays secure while you are away
  • Peace of mind

  Currently, Islander offers many animal packages as well as overnight stays which include the following:

  • Walks and playtime
  • Food and water refreshing
  • Specialized attention
  • Administering of basic medications/vitamins- (complimentary) 
  • Cleaning of pet accidents
  • Special needs and geriatric pet care for no additional charge 

  Islander is certified by the Red Cross in Pet C.P.R. and First Aid.  We currently donate our services free of charge to many shelters and rescues in the area.  We understand the importance of community involvement, and are always interested in sponsoring various charities around the county.   Our passion for animals drives us; through our customized animal packages we can share this with our clients!


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